SCI Acquires LATITUDE 1 Nut Processor: Expands Ingredient Division

(Fargo, ND) December 9, 2013 – Specialty Commodities, Inc. (SCI) announces the acquisition of LATITUDE 1, a nut processor located in Stockton, CA. The move is part of SCI’s vision to become a leading, safe supply chain solution for food manufacturers whose brands include nut, seed, dried fruit and specialty grain ingredients. “Several years ago,…Read More

Specialty Food Ingredients Steam Pasteurization System achieves validated 5log kill on Sunflower Seeds

(Lodi, CA) September 30, 2013: Specialty Food Ingredients (SFI) has added sunflower seed kernels to its growing list of nuts and seeds that have been 3rd party validated for a chemical-free, 5log kill. SFI’s ground-breaking pasteurization service now offers 5log, organic-certified kills for walnuts, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pine nuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds….Read More